Jazz Musician . Doublebass . Electric Bass

About Me

The jazz bassist Xavi Castillo was born in Terrassa (Barcelona, Spain), a city known for its long jazz tradition.

He got his Bachelor’s degree at ESMUC (Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya) specialized in jazz interpretation. During his degree, he had the chance to spend a semester at the Koninklijk Conservatorium (The Hague, Netherlands).

Xavi always combined his passion as a bass player with his commitment to music education. He has given countless private lessons to students of any age and has taught in municipal schools as well as in the public music school of Terrassa (Conservatori de Terrassa). He is currently enrolled in the Master in Pedagogy for Musicians at ESMUC.

He is currently based in Barcelona, working with various local and international artists. His current projects include two jazz trios, TRO and Xavi Castillo trio that he co-lead and leads, respectively, and numerous collaborations as a sideman that are mainly focused, but not limited, to jazz.


  • August 27th @ Robadors 23, BARCELONA W/ Héctor Floría – Cancelled due to COVID-19
  • August 16th @ MARTORELL W/ TRO – Cancelled due to COVID-19
  • August 12th @ Milano Cocktail-Bar, BARCELONA W/ Torres Castillo Trio ft. Jo Krause
  • August 6th @ Park Güell (cicle Música als parcs), BARCELONA W/ Irene Reig & Héctor Floría 4et
  • July 23rd @ Casal de Barri Torre de la Sagrera, BARCELONA W/ Carrie Lewis Swing Trio
  • July 11th @ Nova Jazz Cava, TERRASSA W/ Strinking Time
  • July 10th @ Les Pedritxes, MATADEPERA W/ Rai Paz
  • June 30th @ Robadors 23, BARCELONA W/ Irene Reig Group
  • June 29th @ Robadors 23, BARCELONA W/ Xavi Castillo Trio
  • June 29th @ Ateneu Municipal de Rubí, RUBÍ W/ TRO
  • June 28th @ https://distanciascortas.com, ONLINE W/ TRO
  • June 20th @ Nova Jazz Cava, TERRASSA W/ Irene Reig & Héctor Floría 4et
APRIL (COVID-19 lockdown)
  • Abril 26th @ VILAFRANCA W/ Intrinsec Trio
  • Abril 20th @ JazzSí Club, BARCELONA W/ Riner Scivilly 4et
  • Abril 7th @ Sala Artte, BARCELONA W/ Claudio Marrero 5et
  • Abril 6th @ Robadors 23, BARCELONA W/ David Series 4et
MARCH (COVID-19 lockdown)
  • March 28th @ MANRESA W/ Martí Carrasco 5et
  • March 22nd @ Balius Bar, BARCELONA W/ Oriol Vallès Trio
  • March 21st @ MARTORELL W/ Baratos
  • March 17th @ Sala Artte, BARCELONA W/ Claudio Marrero 5et
  • March 15th @ 39è Festival De Jazz Terrassa, TERRASSA W/ TRO
  • March 11th @ Nova Jazz Cava (39è Festival De Jazz Terrassa), TERRASSA W/ Gran Reserva
  • March 10th @ Sala Artte, BARCELONA W/ Claudio Marrero 5et
  • March 2nd @ JazzMan, BARCELONA W/ Pere Ferré Trio


To listen to these records and more, check Xavi Castillo’ Spotify artist profile!